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Aussie hemp stakeholders entice financial services firms

While talks aimed at stakeholders interested in the full range of whole plant hemp applications are on tap at this year’s Australian Industrial Hemp Conference Feb. 25-28 in Freemantle, organizers say those representing the financial sectors in the Australasian region also have much to gain by attending.

“They can get in on the ground floor and generate new contacts in an industry that will boom,” said Charles Kovess, one of the event’s organizers. “This is not just a conference for farmers and agronomists, as the economics of hemp also will be discussed,” Kovess noted, suggesting the gathering offers financial services providers a chance to position themselves as advisers to stakeholders in the burgeoning industry just as it gets rolling.Though hemp has long been cultivated in Australia, with raw materials and finished goods exported to countries like Japan, the USA and Korea, hemp producers are now expanding in their own domestic market, estimated at AUS $13 million in seed and straw production alone. Estimates are for a four-fold increase overall in the coming years driven mainly by the new food and CBD sectors as Australia classified hemp as food only as late as November 2017 following 15 years of efforts by stakeholders.

The State of South Australia alone has said it is expecting a farm gate value of $3 million per annum from hemp within the next few years under state industrial hemp guidelines from the SA Manufacturing and Innovations Ministry. And as the region within Australia growing the most hemp currently, Tasmanians want to expand on whole-plant-use while also building on their proven experience growing for medicinal products, as the state already is licensed to grow poppies for pharmaceutical firms (resulting in a $290 million poppy industry).

Das umweltfreundlichste Auto der Welt

Das umweltfreundlichste Auto der Welt,“Kestrel,“wurde in Kanada von Motive Industries INC aus Calgary entwickelt. Es hat eine Karosserie aus superstabiler Hanffasern und einen Elektromotor.  Die kanadische Regierung unterstützt nun aktiv die industrielle Hanfindustrie und ihren potenziellen Nutzen für uns und unsere Umwelt.



Rucksack HF-0001, Rucksack PO-0008, Rucksack PO-0009

l AAA-Team 

 Wir bedanken uns für das Interesse an unsren Produkten.

Bei den PURE – Taschen wurde besonderen Wert auf 100 % natürliches Recycling und Verträglichkeit für Mensch und Umwelt gelegt. PURE NATUR im Interesse aller, denen diese am Herzen liegt.Wir hoffen sie sind mit dem Produkt zufrieden und wünschen ihnen lauter gute Erfahrung damit.Über eine positive 5 Sterne-Bewertung würden wir uns sehr freuen.Sie helfen damit uns und andern Menschen von heute sich für ein Morgen mit Zukunft zu entscheiden

.Mit besten Grüßen   –    Ihr Triple A-Team


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